Software Solutions for Business, Inc. started in 1989 as a custom programming and service company in downtown Cumberland. At that time, SSB sold computer hardware principally to host their special-purpose business software. Meanwhile, new local companies sprang up to meet the growing demand for desktop computing hardware: PC's and Apple Computers. From the late 1980's until the mid 1990's, PC-based computers were very expensive and carried a high profit margin for the retailer. As hardware prices dropped and more "out of the box" business software became available in the mid to late 1990's, SSB emphasized more sales and service of hardware, and developed an expertise in network installations and operating systems. Many other resellers experienced a serious down-turn in business because they could not profitably sell against mail-order companies and super-stores. SSB, however, had not relied heavily on hardware as the major contributor to its profitability, and was therefore able to compete successfully in volume sales of hardware at a low margin. In 1997, the company purchased a building in Pinto, MD, to accommodate larger inventory, expanded technical services and additional employees to handle the rapidly increasing customer base.

After the move to the new location, SSB used its historical expertise in business and institutional automation, and a growing volume of purchases from major manufacturers and distributors, to aggressively seek new business from governmental and corporate accounts. The company won major government bids and was able to show large corporate customers the ideal combination of low equipment costs plus local service and support -advantages that neither direct sellers nor local retailers with high overhead costs could match. In a few short years, annual revenues surged above the million dollar mark.

In late 1998, a distributor of consumer information "touch" systems asked SSB to propose a hardware package and companion support program for their in-store natural health information systems located in retail stores across the country. The SSB system was an instant success, and SSB was soon shipping out nearly a thousand kiosk systems a year. SSB has also migrated the kiosk technology to other applications, including a "hardened" system used in correctional facilities to administer inmate activities.

The new Pinto location was entirely too small to support the growing business, so SSB came back to downtown Cumberland to find a production facility for the kiosks and office space for corporate management. Later, a fourth location was added subsequent to the merger with CSE, a former competitor located in Frostburg, MD.

In October, 2000, SSB moved all locations into a single facility at 662 Greene St., in Cumberland, site of the former Superfresh market (now occupied by Dollar General). SSB operates more efficiently than ever because of the reduction in expense occasioned by this move as well as the greater efficiencies made possible by having all employees at one, central location.

Special Capabilities: SSB has always focused on business and governmental customers as its primary markets. This includes professional offices, retail businesses, banks, hospitals, industrial accounts, schools and educational institutions and other technology businesses. The company is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider with two Microsoft Certified Solution Engineers on staff as well as CompTIA (A+) certified technicians. We have years of experience and specialized capabilities in operating systems and network design, installation, configuration and support, including wireless networks. Locally, we partner with Interstate Communications Services for cabling and telephone applications, and TWR for internet access, so we can provide smooth integration of products and services for our customers.

SSB matches technical savvy with purchasing muscle. We work with dozens of sources on a daily basis so as to secure best possible pricing and shortest delivery times. We target our purchasing volume to the sources that will give us the best pricing concessions, and include the value of special dealer rebates and other promotions to give our customers the best deal possible. Our supplies and consumables catalog has no printed prices because prices change constantly, generally moving down, and we pass the savings on to you.

Top SSB Sales and Management people have career backgrounds and experience outside the computer field, so we are better able to understand the unique problems faced by our customers and define solutions not in terms of megahertz or gigabytes, but rather in terms of work accomplished and business goals met.

The SSB Style: Even though we are the dominant, and now the oldest, computer reseller in our area, we are still "new" to many people. This is due to the fact that most of our business comes through referrals rather than advertising, and the absence of a retail store front. While we welcome sales of any size from any source, we do not want the expense of advertising and promotion to add significantly to the price we charge our customers.

Likewise, we keep inventory to a minimum so you pay for the product you buy as opposed to unsold goods awaiting a future sale. Since virtually any computer product is available to us on a "next-day" basis, we see no advantage to us or to our customers in stocking unsold merchandise. On the other hand, we do keep good quantities of the most popular supplies and consumables as well as system components for which a steady demand exists, or for which a shortage is likely to occur. Accordingly, our service department can repair equipment promptly and we can build new systems within hours of receiving an order.

New retail customers shopping for a system or component will note that our "showroom" occupies a very small portion of our total area, and that, with the exception of supplies and some special purchases, very little stock is on display and no sales clerk seems to be on-hand. But, in just a moment someone will appear to assist you. We will quickly locate what you need, either in our own facility or in a nearby warehouse. Generally the price will be as good or better than what you would find on the internet or recent discount catalog.

If you are thinking about putting computers to work in your business, or making an upgrade to existing assets, we will sit down with you in a conference area to sketch out the initial plans and make an appointment to visit your site and learn as much as we can about your operation. Business and government customers may also call us to arrange our on-site visit or discuss bid specifications.

The largest part of SSB -the part you don't see from the front- is occupied by our warehouse, technical department and administrative area. With 10 phone lines, high speed internet access, state-of-the-art office automation and 14 dedicated professionals, we are building up systems for shipment coast-to-coast, dispatching technicians to customers in the tri-state area, delivering and installing equipment, and matching customer needs to the lowest cost, highest reliability sources available at the moment. At SSB, it's all about the customer.

For over a decade, SSB has employed a style of business that lets us actually operate at lower costs while emphasizing best-of-breed customer care. Competitive pricing, prompt response, quality service, technical expertise and a genuine interest in the success of our customers have proven to be a winning combination and we hope to put this combination to work for you.

Contact Information:
Phone 301-729-3755
Fax 301-729-6806

Confidentiality Notice: SSB does not disclose customer contact information to any third party except upon the legal requirement of a court or law enforcement agency.


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