Following is a brief description of some key products and services offered by SSB.

Hardware: SSB supplies over 100,000 items of hardware including computer systems, printers, scanners, network gear, digital imaging systems, mass storage, memory and more. Nearly anything you will find on the internet or in mail order discount catalogs is available from SSB.

Software: Virtually all popular specialty business and professional applications are available from SSB.

Repairs: SSB can diagnose, repair and/or upgrade most equipment.

Maintenance: An SSB maintenance contract may be an effective way to assure maximum up-time for all your essential equipment. From industrial grade printers to critical servers, we can design a plan that fits your needs. Call for a proposal.

Support: Contractual support is a good way to assure highest priority response to hardware and/or software operational issues. Call for more information.

Network Design and Installation: What is the most efficient and cost-effective design of your computer network, and how can it be most effectively used after installation? Call on us at the earliest stages of your planning to avoid problems you didn't see at first or seize opportunities that can speed up your return on investment. The possibilities include centralized fax, multi-user internet access and automated archival of critical data, among others.

Wireless Networks: SSB supplied the equipment for what is believed to be the longest wireless Ethernet connection in the world, approximately 65 miles from Cumberland to Hagerstown, MD. If you need to extend your network across the street or across town, our access to product and expertise may provide low cost and rapid deployment.

Public Access Kiosks: Whether you need one or a hundred stations, or just upgrades to existing installations, put our proven expertise to work for you. From cabinet to touch activated monitor, SSB has the technology, experience and product sources to meet your needs.

Rentals: We can supply one or many workstations and related equipment for temporary use. Call us for particulars.

Government Contracts: We are pleased to introduce government, institutional and business technology buyers and their consultant to a purchasing program designed specifically to meet their needs. Our seccess in the public and corporate sectors is due both to a very sharp pencil, and to responding to the unique needs of the buyers in these specialized markets. This brochure will cover the tangible benefits of our approach to public and commercial entities and why you will feel confident inviting our quote and placing business with SSB. Our special style of doing business relies on our Bidding Method, Access to product and technical Expertise, Repsonsiveness and superior Service.

Hard-to-find, bulk and surplus: Challenge us to find equipment that is no longer in the market. Or tell us you need several hundred of something, or ask us the best way to dispose of several hundred of something. Our industry contacts may give you the answer you need.

Contact Information:
Phone: 301-729-3755
Fax: 301-729-6806

Confidentiality Notice: SSB does not disclose customer contact information to any third party except upon the legal requirement of a court or law enforcement agency.


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